Rajeswar Das

August 16, 2019
Values of Volleyball

4 Most Important Values of Volleyball

Volleyball is a very popular team sport, which involves the participation of two teams comprising of six players in each. The teams are separated by a […]
August 14, 2019
foot pain during cycling

Pedal Promise – Stay Fit (Cycling and Foot Health)

Cycling is more than just mere fun. It is an extremely effective way to keep oneself in shape and also improve cardiovascular fitness. Moreover, cycling also […]
August 9, 2019
runners blog

Before Running a Marathon Get Yourself Checked And Be Fit

Running marathons is turning out to be an extremely popular activity. In recent times, there are several fitness enthusiasts as well as athletes, who are taking […]
July 23, 2019
ankle injury exercise

7 Exercises to Prevent Ankle Injury

People tend to injure their ankles quite often. They can have a twisting motion in an unnatural manner when the foot gets planted awkwardly. There are […]
July 10, 2019
diabetic pedicure

10 Reasons Why Pedicure Is Important If You Have Diabetes

Diabetes refers to a condition, which impairs the body’s ability to process blood sugar. Until and unless it is managed carefully, the problem of diabetes can […]
July 2, 2019
how to cure flat foot

How to Cure the Flat Foot Condition

An adult foot typically has an upward curve in the middle called the arch.  Tendons that are snugged bands attaching the heel and foot bones form […]
June 21, 2019
yoga for foot pain

5 Simple Yoga for Pain-Free Foot

Problems with regard to the foot can be quite common for people. Simple yoga therapies can assist in soothing as well as strengthening one’s sore feet. […]