One Stop Foot Care

At CuraFoot, we understand that foot & ankle pain can seriously affect your mobility and comfort. Foot pain may affect other parts of the body too – including back, legs and hips.

CuraFoot is India’s first “One-Stop” Podiatric platform that focuses exclusively on foot & ankle care. Our aim is to provide long term foot care and prevent surgical intervention, if possible. We create personalised and medically proven solutions for all lower extremity health issues – including sports injuries, flat feet, diabetic feet, verrucae, tendonitis, in-grown toenails, bunions, foot arthritis, ankle injuries and many others.

The Company’s primary focus is to improve long term foot care in India – whether they be for patients with medical conditions, sports people with injuries, children with heel pain or those struggling with day-to-day foot problems like corns and calluses.

Clinical Services

The Company provides clinical services that diagnose and treat lower extremity pain for patients. We also provide advice about footwear & insoles for those just looking for a more comfortable mobility experience.

Certified clinicians consult and treat all foot and ankle related conditions at CuraFoot. Specialist technology, including Video-motion and computerised gait analysis also helps doctors identify biomechanical problems and foot disorders.

Footcare Products

CuraFoot provides high-performance diabetic footwear, custom-fitted in-soles, other orthotic accessories and Over-The-Counter (OTC) products for better long term, non-surgical footcare options. We have created India’s most exhaustive health store that specialises in foot, heel and ankle care products.

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