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CuraFoot is India’s first Podiatric Care brand that provides comprehensive foot care solutions, including therapeutic footwear and custom insoles.

Our feet are the most overused and under-cared part of our body. Foot pain may result from high-impact exercise, ill-fitting shoes, arthritis or structural problems like flat feet , medical conditions like diabetic feet and sports Injuries.

CuraFoot’s solutions for foot, ankle and heel pain are based on detailed clinical assessment led by trained medical professionals.

Most foot-related discomfort does not require surgery or expensive invasive procedures. Curafoot creates custom insole solutions– whether they be for patients with medical conditions like diabetic feet, adults with sports injuries, children with gait problems or older citizens with chronic foot issues like flat feet, corns and calluses.

CuraFoot Clinics provide state-of-the-art diagnostic services, including comprehensive 3D Foot Scans. Experienced podiatrists then design customised insoles that relieve pain, improve bio-mechanics and support users' foot arches for long term comfort. CuraFoot Insoles are high-quality orthotic insoles that provide more than temporary cushioning of the feet. By combining balance, support and cushioning, CuraFoot podiatrist-designed orthotics relieve foot pain, including Plantar Fasciitis.

CuraFoot has partnered with leading podiatric care technology providers to make custom insoles and treat patients with Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy( diabetic feet), Plantar Fasciitis, Corns and Calluses, Gout, Bone Spurs, Broken ankle/broken foot, broken toe, bunions, etc.

CuraFoot Podiatrists ensure that users receive the best clinical and non-clinical custom insoles for their foot and ankle support. Our state-of-the-art, technology backend provides the latest foot diagnostics and design facilities.

Why Curafoot

Ankle Pain Treatment

Better understanding of a range of ankle conditions, with treatment options for each.

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Arthritis Foot Pain

Orthotic support and expert consultation for arthritic pain management.

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Flat Feet

Solutions for flat feet and fallen arches, including pain relief techniques.

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Diabetic Foot

Management of diabetic foot conditions, along with solutions for severe infections and injuries.

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Heel Pain

Accurate diagnosis of causes of heel pain, with precise treatment & home care options.

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Plantar Fasciitis

Specialist consultation for facilitation of timely treatment and cure of plantar fasciitis.

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Sports Injuries

Specialized treatment and care for foot/ankle injuries specific to athletes and sports people.

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Foot care Products

Foot care products are necessary for preventing foot problems like bunions , foot and ankle pain, flat feet etc.

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  • My mom is suffering from arthritis which caused her ankle issues. We were referred to CuraFoot, where they performed a complete foot and ankle diagnosis and my mom was suggested to wear insoles. After wearing CuraFoot insoles my mom feels comfortable. Now we know that she can walk without losing her balance or tripping. Her ankle pain has also reduced. I feel anyone suffering from arthritis pain should try the CuraFoot insoles once , they will definitely benefit.
    Manju Banka
  • I used to suffer chronic back pain and foot pain. I have been to many doctors & physiotherapists who prescribed different exercises. But nothing worked. Then I went to a foot & ankle specialist and was diagnosed with flat foot. I was amazed to hear that flat foot can also cause back pain!! I was prescribed CuraFoot Custom-made insoles and have been wearing this for 6 months now with satisfactory results. Now I have even gone back to the gym and am running without pain.
    Nagesh Rao
  • I suffered from severe abnormality in my right leg around a year ago, had tremendous pain in my heels for the first time then, specially while walking, and it got really bad. Then I went to visit a couple of doctors even in US and here in india and I didn’t knew what the issue was till a doctor here in Calcutta recommended me to try the custom insoles after which I read about it online . Then I came to CuraFoot and here Tanmay and his team spent hours studying & assessing the problems with my feet. In a week they came up with the custom insoles for me. I wore the shoes every day and the pain has reduced tremendously. So if you suffer from any foot issues be it flat foot or any pain, come to CuraFoot because I am sure Tanmay with the CuraFoot team will take care of it.
    Saifuddin Ahmad
  • I am an avid trekker. But I used to often suffer from foot pain and my legs used to feel tired.  I was advised to go to CuraFoot for getting insoles for my trekking shoes. Unlike other trekking shoes which require walking often to adjust with the soles, these custom insoles gave a snug feeling to my feet from the minute I started using it. I realized this is the product that is required utmost for trekking and other adventures and sports activities. The base of the foot gets the appropriate support with these insoles and work miraculously. After walking for 7- 8 hours, neither my feet nor my toes hurt or pained and I was fine even after the long trek
    Dr. Rajdeep Guha
    Consultant, Head & Neck Onco Surgery, Loves Trekking
  • Being a social worker, my work includes standing and walking for long. As I have a Flat foot I used to suffer from foot swelling very often. Then I tried the new technology of In-soles for few months and now I can feel the difference. Standing and walking for long has become easy for me. My foot doesn’t swell like before. Even my corn has reduced considerably
    Vaishali Roy
    Social Worker
  • Projjol Chaudhury, 50 years
    As a regular golfer, over the last year I have increasingly been suffering from foot aches and pains. I got a custom fitted sports insoles from CuraFoot recently. These slip into my shoes, replacing the flimsy insole that came with the shoes originally. I feel the custom insoles give me more stability. I would recommend CuraFoot insoles to others in a similar situation.
    Projjol Chaudhury, 50 years
  • Manish Gupta, 40 years
    I went to the CuraFoot Clinic after having a painful toe for a couple of months. The insoles have made my pain so much better! They also advised about what kind of exercises would help too. A very good service!
    Manish Gupta, 40 years
  • Suparna Mondol, 55 years
    I got my feet scanned at CuraFoot Clinic and ordered a pair of custom insoles. Over many years I have suffered from Mortons Neuroma. This condition is very painful and I had serious difficulty walking even short distances. However, the insoles have been fantastic – and I now do not worry about walking on the road or at office. The whole CuraFoot experience was very professional. Thank you!
    Suparna Mondol, 55 years
  • Shoumik Chatterjee, 72 years
    I had pain in my feet for many years. I also have arthritis under my knee cap. I struggled to walk – especially when the pain was worse. Recently my son took me for consultation to the CuraFoot Clinic in Salt Lake. I now have a special insole. The insoles work quite well. Not only do my feet hurt much less, I also enjoy walking again!
    Shoumik Chatterjee, 72 years

CuraFoot is India's leading Podiatric Care brand which also runs a chain of Podiatric Clinics. CuraFoot's focus is to diagnose and treat foot, ankle and lower limb pain or discomfort. CuraFoot Podiatrists also prevent and correct deformity, secondary to conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis and diabetes. The aim is to keep people mobile, relieve their foot & ankle pain, treat infections, do diabetic foot screening, treat foot ulceration and thereby improve the quality of life for both clinical patients and active users who run, walk or play sports.

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