Orthopedic Treatment and Camps

Curafoot organizes regular camps for assessing foot pain , heel pain , knee pain and back pain. Assessment is fully computerized with state of the art latest machines. Diagnosis and treatment is imparted by the best podiatrists in Kolkata . The insoles are created specially for you and fully customize taking into account your foot problem.

These orthopedic treatment camps for foot problems raise awareness among the general public who has no clue as to why he or she has foot pain and who they should go to for treatment. Sometimes they buy any shoe or insoles prescribed by the show shop and without going to the root of the real foot problem, as a result the patient continues to suffer and not get the correct treatment.

The orthopedic treatment camps is reaching out to every person all over Kolkata and its suburbs . Curafoot will be spreading out more into other parts of West Bengal with their camps to raise awareness and treat patients who are suffering from foot pain and other foot problems.