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CuraFoot’s mission is to transform the way Indians take care of their feet. We are India’s first international standard podiatric care (foot care) offering that provides advanced solutions at branded CuraFoot clinics.

CuraFoot clinics use the power of cutting-edge 3D Scan Diagnostics to understand the cause of foot and ankle pain. They then provide a range of clinical and OTC products and pedicure services for world class foot care.

Foot care is a massive industry globally, but in India it is at a relatively early stage of development. However, there has been huge awareness recently about the importance of foot health both among the medical profession and the general public. CuraFoot is creating exciting opportunities for entrepreneurs to be involved with this mega-growth potential.

3 out of 4 of us will have foot issues at least once in our lives. Almost 60 million people in India are diabetic and a large percentage of them are exposed to risks of foot complications. 30% of Indians suffer from flat feet. Many others are affected by common foot conditions including arch deformities, heel pain, corns, calluses and bunions. In fact, in addition to direct foot and ankle problems, most of our lower back and knee pain is also a result of bio-mechanical problems of the feet.