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Acupressure Magnetic Shoes Insole for Blood Circulation and Foot Massage-Free Size

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  • This longlasting and effective therapy is relaxing and refreshing for the mind and body helping enhance efficiency.
  • Recommended by doctors worldwide
  • Sweat-proof, airy and shockproof
  • Accelerates blood circulation, soothes nerves and does magneto therapy

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According to traditional Chinese medical practice, among the `four roots` including ear root, nose root, breast root and foot root that men have, foot root is deemed to be the base root. The foot is the human organ from which senility sets in. This insole massages the foot by invigorating the nerves and acupuncture points, hastening blood circulation.


For the elderly in particular, protracted usage can specifically alter the body. Walking is good for health as the comfort in every step is indeed enjoyable. The sole of shoes provide relief from pain and is also comforting which boosts energy.


Inserting the insole in leather shoes one can use it for 3-4 hours at a stretch. Product features copper rings in the insole removing foot odor. The insoles along with shoes are relaxing and relieving for tired aching feet with an energizing massage. The magnet bits energize the entire body with acupoints on the feet.


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