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Combo- Bunion Sleeves & Heel Protector Gel Sleeve
December 27, 2018
Combo- Metatarsal Pad & Heel Protector Gel Sleeve
December 27, 2018
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Combo- Toe Separator Bunion Support & Heel Protector Gel Sleeve


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Toe Separator Bunion Support:

The toe separator or bunion support is designed with special softness and pliability to create a secure space between toes of irregular sizes which improves the thumb eversion angle, and can effectively improve the angle deformity of the toes. The toe separator is to be placed under your foot. Push the prongs of the separator between your thumb toe and index toe and secure it. It aids in correction of hallux valgus. It will also help alleviate shoe comfort & realign toes to their natural position if used daily. For any person who suffers from such medical conditions and wishes to realign the bone structure of the feet damaged by modern foot wear.

Heel Protector Gel Sleeve:

The open toe design with good breathability is good for keeping your feet cool and dry from sweat in summer. It also increases flexibility and protects the heel. Everyone can benefit from this product since it aids in keeping the feet healthy and clean. Avoid stress on your heel. Pull it over the feet like socks, as the material is stretchable. Best used at night to trap the moisture preventing the feet from dryness.



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