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Bunion Splint

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• Helps in straightening toe
• Movable Bunion Splint which offers correction for feet affected by Hallux Valgus.
• Offers pain relief for bunion and returns the foot to its natural shape
• Dynamic day and night comfort splint.
• Easy to put on and can be used for both left or right foot.

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Bunion Splints provide non-operative treatment solutions to help alleviate symptoms & hallux valgus pain, pressure, discomfort & skin irritation. Anyone suffering from mild deformity caused by bunion on their foot can use this as an alternative to surgical treatment. It is a hereditary condition. To put it on correctly just loosen the straps enough to get your foot through the loops, but don’t use force to put the latch on, in the first use. For best results, wear it for a minimum of 30 minutes every day.


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