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Cold & Hot Gel Pack


Product Features:

The Hot and Cold Gel packs serve various everyday purposes. Easy to use and convenient, they can be applied to any injury or wound for immediate effective pain relief, anytime and anywhere. It is generally required for older people with body pains or an injured person but can be used in hospitals too.

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  • Applying the cold gel pack will numb the painful area and provide pain relief
  • Icing will reduce internal bleeding and swelling
  • Aids in muscle relaxation post-injury
  • Provides a cooling effect on a hot day and reduces fever temperature
  • Comes with a protective sleeve



  • Applying heat can relieve discomfort in the area of pain
  • Improves flexibility by adding heat to your limbs/joints which eases joint pain
  • Rapid recovery increasing blood flow promotes healing of damaged tissue
  • Relaxing heat therapy calms the body to release daily stress & anxiety
  • Heat the hot gel pack in a microwave oven or immerse it in hot water before use

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