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Bunion Sleeves
December 27, 2018
Combo- Toe Separator Bunion Support & Heel Protector Gel Sleeve
December 27, 2018
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Combo- Bunion Sleeves & Heel Protector Gel Sleeve


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Bunion Sleeves-

It is an Orthotic device for improving Your Toes Health Loops Toe Separators Position them close to your toes joints and do not push them to the bottom of the toes. Use bare foot as shown in the picture. With the toe separators you can get relief from aching, throbbing feet and get on with your day. Constructed out of medical-grade material, the stretchers separate and lengthen the toes, greatly reducing strain on the joints, muscles and other tissues throughout the foot. The one-size-fits all spreaders simply slip on and instantly begin to provide relief by improving the alignment of each and every toe. Perfect for ballet dancers, yogis and athletes. Toe Spacer This item is similar to the quintuple loops, but it is more flexible and has smoother texture. It hugs your toes and keep them in an aligned position. Can help for pedicure too. It is researched back, and all the toe separators, Toe pain relief, Toe Spacers, gel toe protectors, toe straightener, Toe Alignment, Big Toe Protector, Bunion Sleeve, Bunion Support, Bunion Stretcher, Hallux Valgus, Bunion Cushions, Toe spreader, Night splint, Ball of foot pads, Bunion Splint, Bunion Regulator, Metatarsal Pads are scientifically proven to cause pain relief.

Heel Protector Gel Sleeve-

The open toe design with good breathability is good for keeping your feet cool and dry from sweat in summer. It also increases flexibility and protects the heel. Everyone can benefit from this product since it aids in keeping the feet healthy and clean. Avoid stress on your heel. Pull it over the feet like socks, as the material is stretchable. Best used at night to trap the moisture preventing the feet from dryness.



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