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November 5, 2018
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Flip Flop Forefoot Gel Cushions


The Flip – Flop Forefoot Gel Cushions is for people who stand or walk for long hours and would prefer to attach gel cushions to their regular slippers and flip flops. The gel cushion comes with an adhesive bottom that sticks to your slipper or thong style sandals and it accommodates feet of any size since it expands under your feet. Very useful to prevent burning sensation in the balls of the foot and offers a massaging effect to tired feet.


• The smooth and supple Gel Cushions help reduce friction and irritation between toes
• Designed to fit all thong style flip flops or sandals.
• Slim enough to fit your shoes but padded enough to provide velvety comfort
• Extra comfy cushioning which absorbs shock and prevents added forefoot problems.
• Adhesive bottom insoles will not slip but can easily be moved from one shoe to another.


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