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Unisex Anti Skid Yoga Sock

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  • Warm and anti-slip, provides protection especially to elders and patients
  • It keeps the foot warm and avoids sliding
  • All day comfortable feel while giving a bare-feet feeling when exercising
  • Gives you enhanced balance and stability and protects you from slipping when doing Yoga or Pilates
  • These socks provide a barrier between your foot and the floor, mat and equipment protecting you from unwanted dirt and germs

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These are essential workout and activity socks to deflect the pressure applied to your foot for various poses thereby providing more grip wherever needed. It is flat and wide to maximize the surface area of the grip offering a stronger grip. The grippers on the sole of the socks prevent any type of skidding, falling and injuries. . While many yoga mats are non-slip, studio floors aren’t! Yoga socks are great for any surface. If the thought of walking barefoot on any floor, these socks are a great way to protect your feet from dust, grime, and germs. Specifically designed silicone dots that provide a non-slip surface with or without a mat provides more balance and stability.

How to Use

  • First, take off any rings or anklets.
  • Wear the pair of socks so that your toes and heel are in place.

Care Instructions

  • Hand wash in cold water and air dry
  • Not to be used on wounds that have not healed
  • Dry completely before using it again
Weight 80 g


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