Medical Pedicure Services in Kolkata

If your feet look gross, that’s because they are but not to worry, there’s light at the end of the tunnel so to speak. Although our feet deserve the tender loving care sadly, they aren’t taken care of as much as they should be and the reason is we are simply lethargic when it comes to caring for our feet.

Podiatrist and foot care experts recommend regular medical pedicure from time to time which the highly skilled foot care specialists perform by combining podiatry with nail care a non-invasive and dry procedure. People going for a medical pedicure often complain about a slight pain as a result of the corn.

In most cases, patients reveal that they have had the corn for several months untreated and it’s hurting badly. The prognosis in most cases is that the condition of the corn has further worsened and has turned into a virulent form of the ulcer because of utter negligence.

If one is conscious about the sordid state of one’s feet and would rather not walk around barefoot, then one might be relieved to know that there are people from all walks of life – from lawyers, accountants, professional athletes, grandparents, and people wheelchair bound with worse foot condition than one’s own.

Happenings of a Medical Pedicure

Medical pedicure for the uninitiated isn’t exactly sitting in a massage chair at a massage parlor while someone paints a pretty color on one’s toenails. While the feeling isn’t comparable to any other, nonetheless one’s feet would have a spanking look and feel and would be soft and silky.

All it takes is a no-strings-attached consultation as a first step to getting one’s feet back on track. Medical pedicures can be used for the treatment of abnormal feet conditions includingmedical pedicure

  • Thick skin and nails
  • Damaged and/or weakened nails
  • Athlete’s foot
  • Splinters
  • Ingrown toenails
  • Yellow nails
  • Cracked heels

The appearance of the feet before a medical pedicure and after are poles apart and by the patient’s own admission, they feel a lot lighter as though they are walking in outer space without any gravitational field.

Besides medical pedicure treatment is recommended along with DIY products like chemical peel for the treatment of feet to manage the accumulation of dead skin.


Diabetic Dry Pedicure

A diabetic pedicure is a dry pedicure without water. This is done to prevent any scalding due to hot water as there may be a loss in the sensation of the feet. The procedure entails a physical examination, cleaning and disinfecting followed by softening the skin. The next step of the procedure involves cream and oil massages. The final step is hydrating so that the skin remains supple and does not break open resulting in ulcers.


Wet Pedicure

Type 1

The first step is cleaning and disinfecting with antiseptic water and tissue followed by softening with rose water and gel cream. Once this is done nail cutting or trimming and filing is the next step. Thereafter the cuticles are removed using soft tools. The feet are then soaked in hot water mixing shampoo and antiseptic water for exfoliation of the feet. Buffing with Pumice stone is the next step followed by brushing with sand cream. The suction step includes a cream massage either with oil or cream.

Type 2

All the steps of Type 1 are followed in addition to treatment of the cracked heel.

Type 3 & 4

All the steps of Type 1 are followed. In addition to this corns and calluses are treated.

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