Prosthetic Solution

Advanced Prosthetic Solution in Kolkata

CuraFoot creates customised Prosthetic Solutions for both upper extremity and lower extremity body needs. Our cutting edge Prosthetic service improves everyday performance, provide greater comfort and increase flexibility for users. For more information, Book your appointment today or call us at 03371646463.

Casting & Measurement

Design & Production

Fitment & Adjustments

Upper Extremity Prosthesis

Myoelectric Hand Prosthesis

  • A variety of sizes for children as young as 18 months and adults
  • A cosmetic glove in a variety of skin colors or a transparent glove to show the hi-tech inner workings
  • A hand for amputation at or below the wrist
  • Ability to carry heavy loads (up to a set limit)
  • Aluminum construction for lighter weight
  • A manually adjustable thumb
  • A positionable thumb driven by a separate motor which allows for multiple grip patterns
  • A neutral position for natural look and action while walking or at rest

BE Myoelectric Hand Prosthesis

  • Myoelectric” is the term for electric properties of muscles
  • A myoelectric-controlled prosthesis is an externally powered artificial limb that you control with the electrical signals generated naturally by your own muscles.
  • Myoelectric-controlled wrists make it easier to grip and control objects close to the body
  • A positionable thumb, driven by a separate motor which allows for multiple grip patterns
  • A manually adjustable thumb

Finger Prosthesis

  • High definition silicone fingers
  • Fine fingerprints and knuckles
  • Designed for finger amputation


Lower Extremity Prosthesis

Above Knee Prosthesis

  • Stance-control knees often called “safety knees”
  • These knees swing freely when there is little or no weight on the prosthesis but when weight is applied to the knee, they lock
  • They are appropriate for amputees who have some but limited control over their knee
  • Stance-control knees provide safety if such an amputee mistakenly tries to step on a partially bent knee when walking, when they apply their weight to the partially bent knee, the brake will prevent the leg from collapsing underneath them

Below Knee Prosthesis

  • Simple and sophisticated design
  • Highly economical option and lightweight
  • Structurally tested for up to 1 00k.g user weight
  • Foot based on SACH principle with waterproof system
  • Lightweight and cast effective

Mid Foot Prosthesis

  • High Definition Silicone High cover is designed especially for short amputation such as chopart or syme who require more stable gait
  • Optional carbon footplate provides further stability control at heel lift

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