In-store Foot Scanning

CuraFoot Scans provide unmatched data about feet, enabling all our partners – foot clinics,footwear retailers and consumers - to make better footwear recommendations or purchase decisions. Foot Scans enhance the shopping experience, increase sales, and lower product returns. Our omni-channel scan platform improves footwear fit for runners, joggers, walkers, diabetic patients, and users who want foot pain relief or everyday comfort.

CuraFoot Foot Clinics and CuraFoot Store Kiosks generate thousands of scans that provide highly granular foot data -3D foot measurements, foot pressure, in-step and arch height, length, width, girth. These data points help us understand foot pain better and recommend the best-fit footwear and custom orthotics for that specific foot condition or feet type.

CuraFoot Fit Engine software uses algorithms and machine learning to improve a customer’s footwear fit & purchase recommendations based on her unique 3D foot scan. The software can be integrated with retailer’s in-store or e-commerce product listings to recommend the best-fit footwear by brand, type of shoe or feet size.

CuraFoot Data Hub cloud analytics help retailers access, filter, export all foot scan data at a store or customer level. The data can be used for targeted marketing campaigns, footwear R&D for new product launches or even improved inventory management based on customer fit needs.