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I spent a long time searching for this. I have diabetes and corns just below my toe. I used to buy normal soft insoles but after a month they used to go out of shape and start giving me pain especially at the place of the corns. CuraFoot's EVA insole is really good. It helped in my diabetic ulcer management by providing me with comfort and foot support. I need not say how useful it is for normal day to day use for me. Will be ordering one more soon. Am even thinking of changing all my daily shoe insoles to this one henceforth.

Rajiv Lodha

I am very happy with CuraFoot’s 3D Insoles.  It has helped towards curing my plantar fasciitis pain. Everyday I would wake up and not be able to stand up as I had excruciating heel pain. These insoles have provided me with immense relief from pain. Would recommend it as it has improved the quality of my life! If you have ever suffered from heel pain or plantar fasciitis pain you will know what I mean.

Sailendra Singh

Excellent product. It felt so comfortable the moment I started playing wearing it. It is very useful for all especially for badminton players like me who need to run. Provides a lot of grip, bounce and is very light while helping me increase my running performance. Much needed for sports persons. 

Akash Biswas

I have diabetes and suffer from ulcers in my foot. CuraFoot’s Eva insoles have helped my ulcers to heal and saved me from a foot amputation. The product provides me relief from pain and my corns have disappeared. I wear these insoles fitted in CuraFoot’s sandals and shoes. 

Jayanta Nath

I am an avid trekker. But I used to often suffer from foot pain and my legs used to feel tired.  I was advised to go to CuraFoot for getting insoles for my trekking shoes which would provide me with proper foot support. Unlike other trekking shoes which require walking often to adjust with the soles, these custom insoles gave a snug feeling to my feet from the minute I started using it. I realized this is the product that is required utmost for trekking and other adventures and sports activities. The base of the foot gets the appropriate support with these insoles and work miraculously. It provided me with comfort and relief from pain. After walking for 7- 8 hours, neither my feet nor my toes hurt or pained and I was fine even after the long trek. It helped me improve my running performance too.

Dr. Rajdeep Guha

Great initiative. Their foot wear worked well for my flat foot within six months and provided me with pain relief and comfort. Wish they had branches in other cities. Recommended.

Abhisek Mandal

I used to suffer chronic back pain and foot pain. I have been to many doctors & physiotherapists who prescribed different exercises. But nothing worked. Then I went to a foot & ankle specialist and was diagnosed with flat foot. I was amazed to hear that flat foot can also cause back pain!! I was prescribed CuraFoot Custom-made insoles to give me the correct foot support and have been wearing this for 6 months now with satisfactory results. Now I have even gone back to the gym and am running without pain.

Nagesh Rao

I suffered from severe abnormality in my right leg around a year ago, had tremendous pain in my heels for the first time then, specially while walking, and it got really bad. Then I went to visit a couple of doctors even in US and here in india and I didn’t knew what the issue was till a doctor here in Calcutta recommended me to try the custom insoles after which I read about it online . Then I came to CuraFoot and the CuraFoot team spent hours studying & assessing the problems with my feet. In a week they came up with the custom insoles for me. I wore the shoes every day and the pain has reduced tremendously. So if you suffer from any foot issues be it flat foot or any pain, come to CuraFoot because I am sure the CuraFoot team will take care of it.

Saifuddin Ahmad