More than 60% of Indian adults need better foot health management to prevent future complications – and yet there is a dearth of affordable, clinically valid foot care solutions in the market today. CuraFoot improves patient outcomes without the need for surgical intervention. CuraFoot custom orthotics & off-the-shelf products help manage most common foot conditions including diabetic ulcers, arch pain & sports injuries. CuraFoot is a pioneer of the Foot Health industry in India – especially in Digital Scanning and clinical grade footwear solutions. We design and manufacture cutting-edge custom solutions based on scan data from half-a-million-foot data points and increasing. This allows us to constantly improve clinical orthotic designs for the South Asian population.

Setting up a specialist Foot Clinic is now easy  

  • Improved patient mobility & function
  • To stabilise, support & protect the foot and ankle
  • To provide proper joint alignment
  •  Better manage diabetic foot conditions
  •  Treat patients  who could benefit from accurate orthotics

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CuraFoot - Podiatry made easy

CuraFoot ( uses cutting-edge Scan technology to design clinically accurate custom orthotics. Our affordable range of lightweight custom insoles, diabetic inserts, and specialised footwear target patients with common foot conditions. These include diabetic foot ulcers, sports injuries, arch pain, plantar fasciitis or biomechanical issues. 

Affordable Custom Orthotics for India

CuraFoot manufactures affordable, custom-made orthotic solutions that are right for the Indian market. Our AI-backend uses more than half a million-foot data points to keep improving the patient fit & usage experience. 

Minimal investments drive better outcomes CuraFoot is revolutionizing podiatry for Indian clinics. Our exceptional customer service makes us the preferred partner for Custom Prosthetics, Inserts, AFOs and SMOs globally.

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3D Arch Support Technology®


3D Foot Scan

Technology that improves patient fit

Accurate AI

enabled detailed foot diagnostics 

Detailed Reports

for better patient insights and foot health education 

 Clinical Accuracy

in every custom product designed for patient needs

Full Training 

to operate the facility independently

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