Why Diabetic Foot Care is Important?

Signs & Symptoms of Diabdiabetic foot careetic Foot Problems:

It is important to recognise early warning signs of Diabetic Foot Problems. Some of these signs are:

1. Changes to the colour or shape of your feet
2. Thickening and yellowing of the toenails
3. Tenderness on or around the big toe
3. Burning, numbness, tingling or painful feet
4. Loss of sensation to heat, cold, or touch
5. Loss of hair on the toes, feet, and lower legs
6. Red spots, blisters, sores, ulcers, infected corns or callus around the big toe.


CuraFoot Solutions: Diagnostics & Footwear for Diabetics.

a) Peripheral Neuropathy Test: Test for diabetic patients to determine any loss of sensation to their feet.

b) Pressure Pad Test: Test that helps determine which part the foot is bearing excess weight. By understanding this it is possible to tackle foot ulcers and avoid diabetic complications like foot amputation.diabetic foot care

c) US FDA Approved Insoles: Medical-grade custom & semi-custom insoles reduce plantar pressure and reduce the risk of foot injuries & ulceration. These shock absorbing insole also provides comfort and greater support to diabetic feet.

d) Diabetic Dry Pedicure: Specialist Pedicure which is done without water to ensure no risk of scalding. Diabetic pedicure prevents fungal infections or foot ulceration – big risks for diabetic patients.

e) Diabetic Socks: Diabetic socks improve blood circulation in the muscles and helps with faster recovery from fatigue. It’s patented silver-based antibacterial technology fights harmful bacteria and keeps the feet fresh all day. The full-cushion lining is designed for easy and pain-free walking.

f) Diabetic Shoes: Specialist diabetic shoes, available at CuraFoot, protect the feet from external injuries and provide better foot support to those with heightened risks of foot problems.