Doctor Consultation

Doctor Consultation

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Why not talk to a leading foot specialist if you are worried about chronic foot pain or discomfort? CuraFoot doctors have treated thousands of patients with a variety of lower limb conditions - from diabetic foot ulceration to acute pain from plantar fasciitis. We treat runners, diabetic patients, children, elderly patients, and those with biomechanical or gait problems.

Online Foot Clinic Consultation

  1. One-on-one video consultation with an experienced foot specialist
  2. Detailed foot assessment during the session
  3. Ask the clinician all your foot or ankle related concerns
  4. Get a detailed foot diagnosis and explore treatment options
  5. Get footwear advice – a common reason for foot pain is usually wearing the wrong footwear   

 Discover an online foot care service that no one else can match.


My father had walking problem due to neuropathy. But after using personalised insole from Curafoot, he can walk more time comfortably.

Elena Jones Roblox

Im very happy now in my foot moments customized insole is very helpful

Akash Biswas

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