Acupressure Insoles
Acupressure Insoles
Acupressure Insoles
Acupressure Insoles
Acupressure Insoles
Acupressure Insoles

Acupressure Insoles

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Product Details: 

  • MATERIAL: CuraFoot Acupressure Magnetic Insole is made of anti-slip silicon material; provides support, foot massage, and alleviates foot pain as you move or run. Silicone is highly durable and retains its flexibility under most conditions. The high quality CURAFOOT Acupressure Magnetic Insole is recommended for everyday wear and comfort.
  • KEY SPECIFICATIONS: ► All day comfort with every step ►Alleviates foot pain ►Sweat proof ►Shock proof ►Durable and effective ►Doctor recommended ► Improves body support ►Size: Free size
  • HOW IT WORKS: CURAFOOT Acupressure Magnetic Insoles target multiple foot points and provide pain relief, improves support, and reduces foot pressure. Results in much better comfort & gait. Highly recommend for those who stand continuously on their feet.
  • HOW TO USE: These insoles are best fit to any shoe-size. In case it doesn’t fit, you can cut it as per your shoe-size. Clean your shoes, insert these insoles, and smooth out with hands. The grip of these insoles is strong enough to stick to your shoes properly.
  • CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Wash in warm soapy water and air dry. These insoles are highly durable. Can be used for prolonged periods for comfort and effectiveness.


A magnetic shoe insole helps increase blood circulation and metabolism and relieves fatigue and prevents diabetic foot complications.

How to Use : Cut the insole as per your shoe size and insert the shoes.

Product Description: 

This insole massages the foot by invigorating the nerves and acupuncture points, hastening blood circulation. For the diabetic elderly in particular, protracted usage can specifically alter the body. Walking is good for health as the comfort in every step is indeed enjoyable. The sole of shoes provide relief from pain and is also comforting which boosts energy. Inserting the insole in leather shoes one can use it for 3-4 hours at a stretch. The copper rings in the insoles remove any type of foot odour. The insoles along with shoes are relaxing and relieving for diabetic, tired aching feet with an energizing massage. The magnet bits energize the entire body with acupoints on the feet.

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Super impressed with the online clinic. Have been suffering with foot pain for years. Dr. Swagatika was very helpful.

Vikash Gupta

Best foot clinic ever! Did a detailed foot diagnostic. Dr. Nag was brilliant

Rajesh Bhatta

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