3d Customized Shoe Insoles
Daily Use 3D Insoles
Daily Use 3D Insoles
Daily Use 3D Insoles
Daily Use 3D Insoles
Daily Use 3D Insoles
Daily Use 3D Insoles

Daily Use 3D Insoles

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Get The Precise Fit for your Feet With CuraFoot’s®Daily Use 3D Insoles

CuraFoot 3D Insoles are designed to reduce foot pain, achieve better body alignment and provide more comfort. Our insoles are clinically tested with thousands of users and provide superior benefits for runners, walkers, joggers & casual wear. Personalise your insoles and purchase. Then measure your feet in CuraFoot mobile app. We produce your insoles specifically for your feet. Best for casual and athletic shoes

Our Cura 3D Custom Hex Insole has been designed using cutting-edge 3D technology. It matches the unique shape of your feet and provides cushioning and pain relief.
This is a completely customised product providing functional support for those with Flat foot, arch pain, heel pain, runner’s knee, muscle fatigue, leg and foot fatigue, shin splints, tired achy feet, high arch foot, plantar fasciitis, achilles tendonitis and retrocaneal bursitisis 

Product Benefits

  • 5–in-1 Pain Relief
  • Helps relieve and prevent lower body pains
  • Applicable for people with unstable forefoot and midfoot and hindfooot pronatary motion who desire an appropriate insole with a natural progression to toe off.
  • A custom device one can select the flexibility of the insert in the midfoot and forefoot independent of the rearfoot. Control is achieved in the midstance and toe off phase giving a smooth propulsive gait

Designed for :

Sneakers, Work Boots, Casual Shoes, Men’s Dressy Shoes, Women’s Dressy Shoes, Kid’s Shoes

Product Features :

  • 3D printed rigid, hex hard-shell made from Nylon Polyamide-12
  • Arch Support technology® provides support to all arch and prevents the plantar fascia from overstretching
  • Deep Heel Cup : Protects the heel from any impact and reduces ground reaction forces
  • Custom 3D Technology : Designed to match the contour of your feet along with relevant corrections
  • Full Length Cushioning : Provides cushioning from the impact of every step and reduces contact forces on the feet

Why it Works :

5–in-1 Pain Relief

Helps relieve and prevent lower body pains

  • Relieves pain from the Lower Back, Hips, Knees, Ankle and Heel
  • Being on one’s feet can trigger pain in the aches of the feet. This pain and discomfort can travel up the legs with every step one takes
  • CuraFoot’s Custom Hex Insole are firm to provide midfoot flexibility with necessary corrections for enhanced biomechanical support
  • Provides double relief by treating the source of the pain and providing essential support.
  • Distributes body weight efficiently thereby leading to a comfortable gait pattern.

 How to Use :

Step 1: Put the new left insole into the left shoe.
It may not just slide in. You will have to get your hand in there and smoothen it out, but it should fit perfectly.

Step 2 : Do the same for the right shoe
Replace the orthotics every six (6) months or at the first signs of wear.

Customer Reviews

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Super impressed with the online clinic. Have been suffering with foot pain for years. Dr. Swagatika was very helpful.

Vikash Gupta

Best foot clinic ever! Did a detailed foot diagnostic. Dr. Nag was brilliant

Rajesh Bhatta

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