Forefoot Gel Cushion
Forefoot Gel Cushion
Forefoot Gel Cushion
Forefoot Gel Cushion
Forefoot Gel Cushion
Forefoot Gel Cushion

Forefoot Gel Cushion

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We designed CuraFoot’s Forefoot Gel Cushion for people who experience discomfort from pain in the ball of the foot area, from corns and calluses in the forefoot area and for those suffering from sesamoiditis

Product Benefits

  • Extra gel padding for Metatarsal Soreness
  • This Gel cushioning Shock absorber for the ball of foot absorbs shock thereby preventing impact from aggravating the ball of foot area
  • Helps eliminate tenderness and burning.
  • The toe attachment secures the pad against the foot and keeps it on place all throughout the day
  • Silicone material allows the pad to stick to the ball of the foot
  • Easily accommodated in footwear

Why it works :

  • CuraFoot’s Forefoot Gel Cushion absorbs shock and prevents impact from each step thereby reducing pressure on the ball of foot area. It helps eliminate tenderness and burning. Extra padding for Metatarsal Soreness.

How to Use :

  • Clean your feet with warm water
  • Dry with a towel
  • After slipping the loop, place cushion underneath the ball of the foot


My father had walking problem due to neuropathy. But after using personalised insole from Curafoot, he can walk more time comfortably.

Elena Jones Roblox

Im very happy now in my foot moments customized insole is very helpful

Akash Biswas

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