Height Booster Shoe Insoles for Men and Women
Height Booster Shoe Insoles for Men and Women
Height Booster Shoe Insoles for Men and Women
Height Booster Shoe Insoles for Men and Women
Height Booster Shoe Insoles for Men and Women

Height Booster Shoe Insoles for Men and Women

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Product Features:

  • DURABLE, LIGHT-WEIGHT, HEIGHT ENHANCIING INSOLES: Dimension: 17.2 (L) X 6.8 (W) X 3.8 (W); Layer: Cushioned; Comfortable and Breathable top-layer; Recommended for everyday use. These insoles are thicker, made of high-quality material, increase height and help support perfect gait.
  • ANTIMICROBIAL FABRIC: Helps prevent moisture and odour from everyday wear. Improves foot support while moving. Provides extra confidence by increasing height.
  • COMFORT WEAR: Best in quality, all CURAFOOT insoles are designed for everyday comfort and foot support. Great for walking, running & exercising. CURAFOOT Insoles can be used for extended periods. Can fit in most shoes.
  • HOW TO USE: CURAFOOT PODIATRIC Experts recommend a gradual increase in usage and not to over-use immediately on purchase. Attached is a generic guideline for a best-comfort experience. » 1st week- Wear insoles for an hour; » 2nd week- Wear it for 2-3 hours; » 3rd Week- Consider wearing the insoles for 3-5 hours; » 4th Week- You will feel more comfortable for using these insoles for longer durations. NOTE: During first three weeks avoid using these insoles while running or any sports activities.
  • CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Hand-wash using normal water and soap, then air dry. Don’t expose it to direct sunlight after the wash and do not machine wash/dry. For best foot hygiene, we recommend replacement of height lifting insoles every 6-8 months (depending on use).

How to Use:

Put the new insole into the shoe. It will not just slide in – you will still have to get your hand in there and smooth it out, but it should fit perfectly 

Care Instructions :

Hand washes with room temperature water and soap. Then air dry

Product Description :

Adds 2.5 cm height, comfortable fit, made of soft and durable medical-grade gel. Curafoot Height Enhancers are great options to increase your height invisibly. The material is skin-friendly and anti-allergic, will keep your feet fresh and odor-free all day long.

Curafoot designed height booster inserts are breathable and the anti-microbial fabric helps to circulate air all over the foot. Wearing these insoles to increase your height gives you a liability to wear your favorite shoes at meetings, outings, parties, and so on.

Why choose Curafoot Height Enhancer Insole : 

1. Especially designed for feet to increase height and protect your feet from arch pain even after long hours of use.

2. add comfort and stability to the heels

3. Provide flexible feet support with proper cushioning

4. Breathable material insoles to keep your feet dry and hygienic.

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Super impressed with the online clinic. Have been suffering with foot pain for years. Dr. Swagatika was very helpful.

Vikash Gupta

Best foot clinic ever! Did a detailed foot diagnostic. Dr. Nag was brilliant

Rajesh Bhatta

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