Curafoot Running Shoe Insoles
Curafoot Running Shoe Insoles
Curafoot Running Shoe Insoles
Curafoot Running Shoe Insoles
Curafoot Running Shoe Insoles
Curafoot Running Shoe Insoles

Curafoot Running Shoe Insoles

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We designed CuraFoot’s Running Insoles using world-class Arch Support technology. This is a natural biodegradable product made from cork specifically for runners to help prevent pain from Shin Splints, Flat Foot, Arch Pain, Heel pain, Tired achy feet, Muscle fatigue and Foot and Leg fatigue. These insoles besides being eco-friendly provide support and comfort when performing high intensity activities.

Product Benefits :

  • Suitable for Runners and those who are into extensive exercising
  • Made by recycling wine corks resulting in an eco-friendly insole that supports high intensity activities
  • Arch Support technology® is provided by the ergonomically designs of the inner and outer curve designs. The inner curve design supports the inner arch while the outer curve design stabilizes the outer arch. This allows added flexibility as one moves and works for all arch type
  • The deep U-shaped Heel Cup fits the plantar curve naturally thereby providing heel padding and balancing the pressure between the heel and the shank. This helps in providing support for any type of sport or high intensity activities
  • The U-shape of the heel also helps in running smoothly and prevents any slipping
  • Full length cushioning design along with 3/4th portion of cork allows the insert to be able to fit into most shoes without any trimming
  • Arch provides support and stability
  • No trimming required: Comes in different sizes

Designed for :
Athletic Shoes & Sneakers

Product Features :

  • Arch Support technology® provided by the natural Cork arch supports provides support to all arch types
  • Flexible arch and lateral support helps in controlling motion to ease the cutting and stopping while running or exercising
  • Full Length Cushioning with 3/4th portion cork : Provides cushioning from the impact of every step and fits in most shoes
  • U-Shaped Deep Heel Cup Design : Supports the heel from any impact and shock and improves support
  • Top Cloth made from breathable cotton fabric

Why it Works :

  • Tired, achy feet are caused when the biomechanics of the body is not proper. This leads to overworking of the foot muscles. This is more likely to happen if the foot is not properly supported by correct orthotics as it may no longer function as efficiently as a shock absorber. Thus the body weight will not be distributed efficiently and this can cause achy, sore and/or tired feet.
  • CuraFoot’s Running Insoles distribute the body weight correctly. They also provide extra cushioning and arch support to protect from the impact of each step while running and exercising thereby help in pain-free exercising and running
  • Added benefit of experiencing eco-friendly support all day

How to Use :

Step 1 :Put the new left insole into the left shoe.
It will not just slide in; you will still have to get your hand in there and smoothen it out, but it should fit perfectly.

Step 2 : Do the same for the right shoe
Replace the orthotics every six (6) months or at the first signs of wear..

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Super impressed with the online clinic. Have been suffering with foot pain for years. Dr. Swagatika was very helpful.

Vikash Gupta

Best foot clinic ever! Did a detailed foot diagnostic. Dr. Nag was brilliant

Rajesh Bhatta

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