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3 in 4 of us will have a foot or ankle problem during our lifetime. Yet, most of us do not find trusted clinical advice on how to treat chronic foot conditions. Consult your CuraFoot doctor for a thorough diagnosis.

CuraFoot Clinic offers top quality foot treatment & footwear advice for a variety of common lower limb conditions: 

CuraFoot doctors & podotherapists have treated thousands of patients – both online and in-clinic. Our clinical team is led by senior consultants who specialise in foot care management and foot deformities. The CuraFoot orthotic range of custom footwear is India’s leading brand offering digital designs & clinical corrections for your specific foot health needs.

Our Foot Clinic Specialises in

Book an online consultation from the comfort of your home. Many of us are unaware of what triggers foot pain, injury or wound. What treatments and footwear products help manage common foot conditions. Talk to the experienced Curafoot clinical team to improve your motion and pain relief

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